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bitchdujour's Journal

served on a platter
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bitch du jour served on a platter
she's so pretty but does it matter
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
but nobody told her

lyrics: cosmetic, my ruin
bitch du jour: bitch of the day

this community is for the vain. it's another photo community where people can post pictures of themselves and their shit. creativity is nice

- please, no flame wars and no unnecessary negative comments. Opinions are good, but be mature about them.
- no stealing. that means photo's of someone else, icons and graphics without permission. You will be banned
- no fakers, post pictures of the real you.
- for large photos, or if you're posting more than 3, please use the lj cut tag
- nudity is permitted as long as it is tasteful, and if you're 18 or older. Please use the lj cut tag if you are posting nude photo's, place a warning on the subject line
-fetish photo's are also permitted, same rule as above applies
- no survey's, no poetry, no text posts unless it goes with the photos
- just so you don't get confused....this is not another nonuglies community
- if you want to advertise another community, please go to community_promo